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Explanation: Default chunk size provides the ideal balance between the most even distribution of data, for which smaller chunk sizes are best, and minimizing chunk migration, for which larger chunk sizes are optimal.

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MongoDB will not begin migrations until the imbalance of chunks in the cluster exceeds the migration threshold.Generally the target chunk size will be created approximately half of the configured size so that.

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Their size is ranging between 50-90MiB in MongoDB 2.4.11. Default chunk size as per documentation is 64MB.

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I am trying to find the size of all chunks in one of my sharding collection.That is a small improvement that pays of when resizing many documents in a row.If a chunk range is observed to be approaching (or possibly exceeding) the configured chunk size, MongoDB will attempt to split that single chunk into multiple chunks.

You can define any metadata fields as appropriate and due to the flexibility of MongoDB, each document can have the specific set of fields that make sense.

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The value of the chunk size is the maximum chunk size, not the target chunk size.

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The default chunk size is 64MB, but configurable up to a maximum of 1024 MB.We started to see severe performance issues (extreme CPU usage and slowdown of data replication).MongoDB always tries to balance the data distribution, for this MongoDB uses the following two approaches.

Instead of storing a file in a single document, GridFS divides the file into parts, or chunks, and stores each chunk as a separate document.

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Chunk Splits in a Sharded Cluster (page 28) When a chunk grows beyond the configured size, MongoDB splits the chunk in half.

Hi, I wonder if i should choose more precise shard key or have larger than 64MB chunks.Shard Key Indexes (page 29) Sharded collections must keep an index that starts with the shard key.

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As MongoDB documentation here New in version 2.6: MongoDB provides the mergeChunks command to combine contiguous chunk ranges into a single chunk.

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This GridFS tutorial explains how to use GridFS for stroring the larger files in MongoDB and when to use GridFS in MongoDB.

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MongoDB limits the size of the document in a collection to 16 MB.Sharding works by migrating chunks between the shards until each shard has roughly the same number of chunks.Classified as a NoSQL database program, MongoDB uses JSON-like documents with schemata.

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Consider the implications of changing the default chunk size: Small chunks lead to a more even distribution of data at the expense of more frequent migrations.

During a chunk migration in a sharded cluster, if one of the documents in the chunk has a size in the range of 16,776,185 and 16,777,216 bytes (inclusive), then some documents may be lost during the migration process.The length field is the size of the document in bytes, the chunk field is the size of each chunk in bytes, and the uploadDate is the date the document was first inserted into MongoDB.

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